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How Our Fisherman Direct Club Works 

Each season, you can order wild Alaskan salmon, halibut and other seasonal seafood specialties directly from our family’s fishing boat in Sitka, Alaska. We ship the orders to Saugatuck in bulk, keeping prices affordable while providing you with flavorful, sustainable seafood. When you purchase through our fish club, you pick up your order from the club host in your area. This is not a subscription and no repeat orders are expected.

Saugatuck’s only pickup for 2023 will be on Friday, March 24th from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at Patty's Barn at 5925 134th Ave Hamilton, MI.  Join our Saugatuck Fish Club Facebook group or contact club host Patty Dykstra at pattydykstra@gmail.com with questions about the pickup. 

Why Choose Our Hook & Line Wild Caught Seafood 

It’s rare to find an Alaskan fisherman selling their catch from a single boat directly to customers. Purchasing from us gives you the incredible opportunity to get to know your fisherman, in the same way you might get to know the farmer you purchase from at the market or who runs your CSA.  Explore our four reasons to buy wild Alaskan seafood directly from the fisherman to get a better sense of this unique opportunity. 

All the fish we sell is caught using the hook & line method, which is considered the most sustainable way to fish. This means we pull in one fish at a time and are able to handle them gently and process them immediately, for a high quality fish you can’t find just anywhere.  Learn more about what sets our seafood apart

Want to stay connected to your local fish club members, share recipes and hear stories from our boat? Join our Saugatuck Fish Club Facebook group

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