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We come from a tradition of men & women who have passed down their knowledge of the ocean.

Sitka, Alaska is our home port where the skyline consists of an extinct volcano and an island chain that drifts out onto the Pacific horizon.  Camilla and I were drawn to commercial fishing through our love of living in the wilderness and experiencing the raw forces of nature. Our town is full of seasonal fishermen who are also dedicated, full-time parents.  Our little mates are Ivy, age 8, and twins Annalise and Elias, age 6.

Upon returning to shore, we spend our time on the dock listening and learning from each other’s follies.  Every wire, every bolt, every weather forecast is our call. This ocean can get bigger than anyone can imagine and not all boats are created equal. In Sitka, Alaska more than half of our fleet is made of wood. We are the only harbor in the region that is directly located on the Gulf of Alaska. Therefore, our vessels have the most sturdy, seaworthy designs. Where there is rough water, there are wooden boats.

Our family longlines for halibut and trolls for salmon. These two forms of fishing are labor intensive and produce the highest quality seafood available.  Our favorite fishing grounds are located far offshore in the middle of the Gulf of Alaska.  As trollers and longliners, we spend more time in unprotected waters than any other fishermen. In 2014, we spent 180 days at sea.

Images, from top left: Camilla with a beautiful Chinook; Caven and Ivy with a winter king; Annalise, Elias and Ivy launching the Sword at the shipyard in the spring; a view of Sitka Sound.